Video Testimonials

Damaged Reputation on Video TestimonialsIn the eyes of prospects, there is a big difference when the business itself tells how its products or services can be the solution to problems and when somebody else who, like them, once were looking for the answer found it. This is among the great challenges of selling, whether product or service, and the best way to get the word out there about the value of what your business has to offer is taking advantage of video testimonial services.


So you have your website up and running, promotions, marketing… more and more people are reading about your product or service—features and benefits, product or package specifications, and cost comparisons. Now, the big question is “Does it really work?” which can then be answered by “What do others think about it?” Video testimonials are your best bet at establishing credibility to your claims. These allow someone else (your customers) to do the publicity for you.


When done professionally, your testimonial videos can very well become the word-of-mouth in the Computer Age and Information Era that drives your business to the top. And as many online marketers say, your current customers are the best sales force to influence more prospects. Here are several ways on how this type of media can work effectively as a marketing strategy:

  • Offers a dynamic form of web content that brings life to any website
  • Establishes and builds confidence in your brand
  • Creates a more forceful call to action
  • Amplifies marketing efforts through personalization
  • Can be optimized to boost page ranking
  • Easily syndicated and can be shared, this can go viral
  • Strengthens loyalty in existing client-base
  • Adds a more striking touch to your campaign
  • Allows key clients to enjoy some free publicity
  • Ensures a higher return on investment


Damaged Reputation Video Testimonial


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