Review Sites

Damaged Reputation on Evaluation Review SiteWhen it comes to online marketing, Google search ranking is just a big chunk of the battle. More than online presence and a visually-attractive business website, Internet shoppers are looking into what others have to say about a company and their product or service. People spend their money on brands that they trust; and to build good web credibility, it is essential to monitor and work on review sites.


When looking to buy something or hire someone, testimonials and referrals are valuable aspects of the selection for many smart buyers. When no one within their network of friends or other trusted people can give a quick referral, Internet users turn to review sites to know more about the business or professional. Online or offline, word-of-mouth is a universal groundwork for trust. However, the Internet has allowed this factor to be amplified into an immeasurable degree. This means that word-of-mouth can be ultimately beneficial as it can be very damaging. This makes it crucial and strategic for businesses or professionals to monitor and work on review sites.


There are literally thousands of websites where any consumer can leave reviews about products and services. By adding your brand into these business listings, you are making information readily available to potential buyers and encourage clients and customers to write something about their experience with your product or service. But when people are leaving negative comments about your company, this can also negate rankings. Monitoring and working on your reputation on review sites is a good strategy to add to your marketing plan, especially if you are targeting local markets.


Damaged Reputation on Online ReviewIn your SEO campaign, it is important to include listing your business at review sites or directories to get user-generated reviews. This step helps you gain the confidence of potential clients or customers.  Adding your brand to such lists will automatically add up to your established web presence. One of the biggest directories you would want to get your name into is Google local business listings that also integrates your entry into Google map, gaining more visibility.


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