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Press Release for Damaged ReputationA press release, according to Fraser Seitel—commentator, author, communications consultant and NYU professor; president of Emerald Partners, is “the granddaddy of public relations writing vehicles.”Though the Internet has paved way to make the process faster and more convenient, quality remains the factor that makes any company information newsworthy. With this said, it is crucial to hire the best press release services to amplify the return on your investment.


When you are publicizing a crucial milestone in your professional career or business, releasing a new product, upgrading product or service, advocating a good cause, or promoting an event, a press release is among the best vehicles that can get the word out there. However, a drab and boring PR content will not be able to make it to the plates of the media even if the news industry is always and growingly hungry for scoops. offers press release services that are affordable yet efficient. Let our qualified writers translate your story, raw ideas and thoughts into media-ready prose.  Here is a list of what you get if you take advantage of our assistance:


Established Brand and Credibility

When a media release is written professionally and is properly structured, it gets published at reputed news source websites or authority sites.  Being big names in the online PR industry, not only will people see the credibility of your business and brand but the published PR can reach a wider audience. Repeated mention of your business also makes readers remember you better.


Traffic and Cost-Effective Leads

When your story is picked up by top news source sites, potential clients and customers will have a better chance at finding your service or product. Not only will traffic increase but so will the profits and calls for appointment.


Targeted Content and Distribution Services

Each PR written is tailored to your target market or audience for optimal results. Targeted distribution takes note of the scope of dispersion whether your news is meant to be published for a local market, specific country or region, or worldwide exposure. We submit your news to media pros, online news outlets, and major wire services, plus aggregators like Yahoo and Google News.


Damaged Reputation is an industry leader when it comes to establishing a name, maintaining it, and making business reputation flourish. Contact us today to learn more about how our Press Release services work, visit